Monday, September 19, 2011

The Trout earns his Spots

I used a simple woodburner to create the spots on top of the fish. Then I coated everywhere with Danish oil. The top and the eye area were darkened with teak oil mixed with rosewood-coloured wood preservative. The belly was brightened with sunflower oil tainted with white oil-paint. I'll let it dry for a few days before lacquering.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Trout Coming Along

It can be hard to find time time to carve, what with work, chores and family life. I keep chipping away at the trout. Trying to bring this project to completion reminds me of the maths problem about limits, if a flea jumps along a ruler and can only jump half the remaining distance each time, the flea is coming ever closer to the end but just never gets there. (Although my theory is that he can just reach out and pull himself that last couple of micrometers to the finishing line.)
In the meantime, I've used a gouge and a veiner to imprint the impression of scales on the trout's skin. I used veiners and a V-tool to put some bones into the fins. I painted the eyes yellow (too yellow maybe) and used black inside the drilled-out pupils. I placed a piece of waste clear rigid plastic food packaging on a breadboard and point a small gouge onto it, then I rotated the plastic 360 degrees until the gouge had cut out a perfect little plastic disc. I glued the disc to the trout's pupil with clear varnish. Now let's work on that tongue .....